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Twinning Visit to Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf 2023

From one of our fellow-travellers –

This was my first:
Visit to Berlin and the former East Germany
Flight on Ryanair
Departure from Stansted Airport!

And it all went smoothly ….

I stayed with Margit, a lovely lady who lives alone in an apartment in Straussberg, a few kilometres from Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf. We had beautiful views of the River Spree. She was also hosting a French couple which was ideal because I don’t speak German and wanted to practise my French! Truly international - German food over French conversation ….

On Friday I was the only English person baking apple cake but it didn’t matter because there were plenty of French people to speak to and Germans who wanted to practise their English. I really enjoyed the experience.

On Saturday we all took the train into Berlin. We visited the Reichstag and had the perfect guide. She was elegant, knowledgeable, approachable and spoke faultless English. A retired lawyer, she gave fascinating insight into the history and present workings of the united German democracy and the inspired restoration of the building.

We climbed up into the glass dome. It’s a wonderful structure with a mirrored core which gives an ever-moving kaleidoscope of visitors ascending and descending.

A highlight for me was to see what remains of the Berlin Wall. It’s covered with remarkable works of art. I took loads of photos! It’s also fascinating to see that the route of the wall is clearly depicted on the surfaces of roads, squares and paths within the city, and even on the floor of the Reichstag itself.

The travel arrangements were super, thank you!

And this is from another –

Whirlwind experience of a weekend. Felt so much longer. Saw so much. Did so much. Everyone so friendly. Bring on the next one!!

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